Police Officer Skills

The job of a police officer is not an easy one  by any means so the thorough selection process of law enforcement academies aim to differentiate between candidates that have the necessary aptitudes and those who do not before enrolling them in the program.

It is necessary to point out that media sugarcoating the life of an officer by presenting only the high-speed chases and extraordinary arrests is quite far off from what really goes on in the field and at the office.

This article will convey the police officer skills mandatory for performing the duty to the state and the citizens.

Excellent Verbal Skills are Among the Top Police Officer Skills

Understanding the circumstances of a crime often implies discussing with the victims and the aggressors in the correct manner.

To put it simply, a law enforcement agent may be able to prevent the escalation of a conflict or get to the bottom of the situation even without the use of physical force by taking to those involved.

However, verbal police officer skills also need to be accompanied by active listening abilities and quick comprehension of orders.

Communication between police officers and headquarters is crucial and candidates should understand that there is no room for the lone-wolf approach in the field of duty.

At the same time, exercising the ability to calm down the individuals involved in the incident will be required.

Self-defense and Suspect Apprehension Police Officer Skills

Granted, a law enforcement agent cannot always rely on verbal abilities, as in critical situations they need to use the hand on hand combat will arise.

Therefore, the police officer has to be familiar with the techniques of overpowering suspects resisting arrest and handcuffing them quickly.

Due to the fact that the criminals are sometimes larger and more powerful than the policeman, successfully conducting the arrest may require special martial arts techniques.

These techniques are studied during their education at the law enforcement schools, but it is necessary to point out that enrolling in these programs will imply passing certain physical standards.

Reaction Time, Courage and Discipline are Also Among the Required Police Officer Skills

It is not uncommon for agents to encounter situations with seemingly impossible odds of resolve. At the same time, the decision regarding the approach can only be taken in time frames of a few seconds.

Therefore, one of the critical police officer skills is the ability to account for all the aspects involved in the situation and choose the right course of action with courage and focus.

More exactly, an agent of the law needs to:

  • Consider the surroundings
  • Assess the threat level to his person and the potential victims
  • Decide whether to act or wait for backup
  • Weigh the advice received from headquarters and match it against the current situation
  • Take the best option to prevent wounding  or casualties

Literacy and Law-enforcement Knowledge as Well as Responsibility are Needed

Given that the details of each arrest or fine fall in the responsibility of the officer that performs the task, it is necessary that he is able to record them in a comprehensible manner as basic police officer skills needed.

During the trial of the suspect, these details are critical to ensure that justice is served. Otherwise, even the minor slip-ups on the part of the officer can be exploited by clever attorneys and used to set a guilty suspect free or vice-versa.

Conducting the arrest by the book and within the letter of the law guarantees that there is no chance a criminal will get out on a faulted technicality.

It is also necessary to remember that although the uniform gives the law enforcement officer a certain amount of power over citizens, it should never be abused to fuel one’s own personal motivations.

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