How to Become a Police Officer in Wisconsin

Candidates who wish to learn how to become a police officer in Wisconsin should know that the law enforcement departments of this state are recognized for their innovative approaches and excellent leadership. In fact, one of their primary goals implies showing the community that the uniform fits each and every person willing to commit their lives to upholding the law and the diversity of employees within the ranks of police officers stands as proof.

However, their commitment to training a wide array of candidates from different backgrounds does not involve lower selection standards. Similar to other states, Wisconsin’s valid candidates for the law enforcement agencies are required to meet and/or exceed the established criteria.

Age and Citizenship Requirements in Becoming a Police Officer in Wisconsin

When a candidate submits an application to a certain Wisconsin police department, he is expected to be at least 18 years old. Wisconsin does not have a maximum age specification for candidates, which is why this state constitutes an excellent place for those who are interested in switching careers. American citizenship is also mandatory for applicants, but there is no rule regarding the residency of the candidate until the completion of police academy courses.

Educational Background Needed to Become a Peace Officer in Wisconsin

The minimal education that an eligible candidate should possess is high school. Accredited learning institutions or GED can act as valid alternatives, but the real catch is in Wisconsin that police officers are required to complete a minimum of 60 college credits within a time frame of 6 years after becoming sworn members of a local law enforcement agency. This is probably the main reason why most candidates prefer to complete an Associate’s degree program or, in most cases, a Bachelor’s degree program prior to submitting the application. It is important to mention that the college education constitutes an advantage and maximizes the candidate’s application chances.

The Application Process

If you meet the aforementioned standards, then the next step implies completing the preliminary application formulary, including the necessary documents and submitting it to the police department of your choice. Remember that incomplete, erroneously filled or illegible application forms will not be taken into account. This is why the representatives of the Wisconsin law enforcement agencies recommend checking and double-checking the paperwork before sending it in. A correctly filled application formulary deems the candidate eligible for the next two steps.

Written Examination and Physical Tests

Admitted candidates will receive an invitation to participate in a written exam which comprises of an essay. Generally speaking, the essay is not meant to determine your knowledge concerning law enforcement procedures, but rather to evaluate the vocabulary and comprehension abilities. The agility test will follow shortly and the results to both of these tests are assessed by the specialized personnel of the Wisconsin PFC, also taking into account the data included in the application formulary.

Having eliminated the candidates that did not meet the requirements, the board will conduct a series of oral interviews with those who have attained satisfactory results. For your extra information, the applicants that make it to the oral interview phase will need to submit the Personal History Statement form.

Physical Fitness Assessment Test

This test will consist of the following exercises:

  • 1 minute bench press
  • vertical jump
  • 1 minute sit up
  • 1 minute push up
  • maximum pull up
  • 1.5 mile run
  • 300 meter run

Physical Agility Test

This physical exam will have 4 phases, all individuals will be required to bring their own gym cloths, shoes and towel.

  • Complete the obstacle course in 29 seconds or less.
  • Complete the traffic hazard removal and aid test in 18 seconds or less.
  • Complete the rescue simulation in 49 seconds or less.
  • Complete the arrest resistor test in 15 seconds or less.

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