How to Become a Police Officer in Rhode Island

In how to become a police officer in Rhode Island, the candidates need to get familiar with the mandatory steps of the application process. The Rhode Island residents have the option of applying to either state police department, the municipal department or the providence department, which will later on forward their papers to the police academy based on the developments in position vacancies.

However, it is important to note that applicants not meeting the eligibility criteria will not be selected and recommended for training to the police academies in the state Rhode Island. Let’s find out more about the characteristics and qualifications necessary for those who want to learn how to become a police officer in Rhode Island.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to Become a Police Officer in Rhode Island

In short, the minimum requirements include:

  • The residency of the applicant at the moment of his appointment as trainee has to be a location within the state of Rhode Island
  • The minimal age of the applicant at the time of his examination is 21
  • The high school graduation diploma/GED/equivalent is mandatory for all departments
  • Applying within the Newport Auxiliary and Veterans needs to be accompanied by evidence regarding separation/entrance
  • The driving license valid in the state of Rhode Island is required only when the candidate is appointed in the position of trainee
  • The documents that have been specified here will need to be filed in with the application form

The Actual Examination Process

During the examination, the board that decides whether the applicant is a suitable candidate for the police departments aim to verify his general aptitudes, psychological state, agility and physical condition and his swimming abilities. At the same time, the applicant is required to undergo an oral interview with the appointed board of examination.

Take note that the police departments will always conduct the background investigation of the candidate in order to determine if his profile and criminal background matches the eligibility criteria.

The order of the aforementioned evaluations differs according to the police department and it is not necessarily the one specified here, but the candidate will always be given the schedule beforehand. Nevertheless, passing each section with satisfactory results is compulsory. Candidates that succeed are added to the eligibility roster and the order is decided based on their individual score.

Training and Appointment

As vacant positions within the ranks of the Rhode Island Police start to develop, the candidates who passed the initial examination are appointed as trainees and enroll in the training courses that take place over the duration of 14 weeks. Successfully completing the courses and perhaps graduating after the final examination awards will give you a probationary position within the ranks of the Rhode Island police department. The duration of the probationary period is of 1 year, after which the cadet receives a permanent position in the police force, should he meet the expectations.

Follow these basic tips on how to become a police officer in Rhode Island and earning a place among the law enforcement agents of the state or municipal departments is guaranteed!

For more information on becoming a police officer in Rhode Island, visit the Rhode Island state police website.

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