How to Become a Police Officer in Oregon

Applicants interested in how to become a police officer in Oregon should be aware of the fact that in this state, the selection criteria for law enforcement agents are quite high. The verifications conducted on the applicants to the academy as well as the tests mandatory for graduating from this training institution are extremely thorough and aim to identify the full array of incompatibilities between the aspiring cadet and the position of police officer before appointing him.

While dedicated cadets who follow the instructions made available by the Oregon police department and are serious about their training can successfully pass the trials, many others will not. Learn more about how to become a police officer in Oregon as we go along:

Minimal Requirements for Applying to Become a Police Officer in Oregon

The quick list of minimal characteristics that a candidate needs to meet includes:

  • American citizenship has to be attained within a 1-year time frame from the moment of employment
  • Absences of severe traffic violations and a driving license valid in the state of Oregon
  • Absence of conviction for felonies or domestic violence crimes
  • No honorable discharge on the candidate’s military record
  • No tattoos, scarifications or piercings that can be perceived as offensive to others
  • The vision can be corrected to a minimum 20/30 standard
  • Minimum education requirement is an Associate’s Degree certification granting at least 60 credits
  • The alternatives to the educational requirement comprise of having previously served in a law enforcement agency or the US military


PAT is an acronym which in Oregon stands for Physical Abilities Test and its aim is to check whether the applicant is able to effectively perform the basic tasks required by a law enforcement job. The four components of the Physical Abilities Test include:

  • Strength
  • Agility and mobility
  • Coordination
  • Physical endurance

Before each one of these subsections of the test, the applicant will be shown exactly what he is expected to do and given the warnings about penalties, as they are applied each time he breaks the pre-established rules. The strength test involves dragging a dummy which typically weighs 165 pounds for a distance of 40 feet.

The agility and mobility of the candidate are verified during the 375-yard run through an obstacle course (6 laps), while the physical endurance test is determined based on his ability to perform the squat thrusting and standing. The coordination of the applicant is tested based on his aptitude of performing all these other trials without knocking down markers.

The Written Test

The written test is an equally important component of the application process, which will determine the intellectual capacity of the candidate. The characteristics of the applicant that are verified during the written examination comprise of:

  • Perception and observation skills
  • Written communication capabilities
  • The ability to read and comprehend written text
  • Biography inventorying skills

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