How to Become a Police Officer in Nebraska

For candidates with an intention to enroll in the Nebraska law enforcement field, this quick guide on how to become a police officer in Nebraska will summarize the basics. The training (providing the candidate is eligible for it) is followed over the course of 14 weeks at the center located in Grand Island. It is necessary to point out that in Nebraska, the candidate does not necessarily have to become a member of a local law enforcement agency prior to admission.

However, the validity of the training for graduates of a diploma program is 2 years and getting hired by a police agency after the expiration will entail enrolling in the academy again.

Mandatory Requirements on How to Become a Police Officer in Nebraska

The authority that decides the eligibility standards for enrolling in the police academy is the Nebraska Crime Commission. The legislation based on which these standards are decided comprise of the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice laws. Evidently, the candidate needs to be 21 (and over, there is no established maximum age). American citizenship is mandatory, as is the ability of reading and comprehending English (11th grade level). Lastly, the candidate must have a valid driver’s license recognized in the state.

In summary here are the requirements to become a police officer in Nebraska

  • Should be 21 years of age before completion of the training program.
  • A US citizen.
  • At least a high school diploma or GED.
  • Has a valid Nebraska driver’s license.
  • Must be able to read, write and understand the English language at the eleventh grade level.
  • Should possess good character that will be determined by a background investigation.
  • Candidates will be examined by a licensed physician one year or less prior to admission and must be certified by the physician to meet the physical requirements.
Source: Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification Standards

Factors That Constitute Immediate Disqualifiers

Primarily, none of the applicants who have been convicted (and even those pardoned) of crimes or felonies that are punishable in the state of Nebraska with over 1 year of prison time are eligible for the law enforcement academy. DUI or DWI convictions within time frames of less than 2 years prior to the applications are also considered disqualifiers.

In addition, the following factors constitute disqualifiers:

  • Dishonorable discharges from the US Armed Forces
  • Drug or firearm possession
  •  Violent or sexual abuses
  • Frequently violating the traffic laws

Lastly, the candidates are only able to become certified law enforcement officers in Nebraska if they meet (or exceed) the minimal medical standards (evaluation must be conducted within the time frame of 1 year following the admission) and the fitness standards in the state.

For more information please visit the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center website or call (308) 385-6030.

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