How to Become a Police Officer in Mississippi

Finding out how to become a police officer in Mississippi and the level of eligibility proprietary to a candidate is the essential scope of the following article. The training course, which typically comprises of 400 hours spread over the course of 10 weeks, is only available for the applicants who have managed to acquire a position in one of the local law enforcement organizations in the state of Mississippi.

However, the law enforcement agencies will not offer a position within their departments to candidates whose physical, medical and educational standards are not on par with the standards mandated by the regulative authorities.

Academic Prerequisites to Become a Police Officer in Mississippi

Joining the police academy in Mississippi does not entail excessively high educational achievements, but rather the basics established by most American states.

In other words, the applicant needs to only confer proof of either of the following diplomas:

  • GED
  • High school diploma
  • Standardized ACT (minimal 15 score)

On a side note, the minimal standard requirements (E.G. American citizenship, valid driver’s license, minimal 21 years of age, and etc.) also apply in the state of Mississippi.

Immediate Disqualifiers

The moral character of the applicant is an important variable that determines eligibility, regardless of the academic or physical aptitudes. As of such, in the eventuality that the background investigation reveals criminal activities, drug usage or former convictions, the applicant will be declined.

The honorable discharges from the military, bankruptcy or low financial scores, the termination of employment as the result from alcohol abuse can constitute grounds for ineligibility as well.

The Fitness Standards

There are essentially three sections to the physical aptitude test of the candidates that need to be met (or exceeded):

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

The flexibility is determined based on the ability of the candidate to perform at the trunk flexion testing and focuses on the hamstrings and the lower back. Age and gender play important roles in setting these standards (E.G. male applicants under 30 are required to meet 11-inch flexibility, and female applicants under 30 are required to attain 12-inch flexibility or higher).

The agility test comprises of scoring the candidate’s performance at completing an obstacle course and his capability of changing the running direction rapidly. Again, the age and gender are taken into account (E.G. male candidates in the 20 to 29 age range need to complete the obstacle course within the 19 minutes or less time frame, female candidates in the same segment are limited by a 21-minute time frame).

In addition, the number of push-ups per minute and the duration a candidate needs to run 1.5 miles are also part of the fitness test.

For more information about becoming a police officer in Mississippi, visit the Mississippi Department of Publish Safety website or call (601) 987-1212.

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