How to Become a Police Officer in MA

Those of you wondering how to become a police officer in MA should know that at the time of your examination, you are not obliged to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. However, individuals who pass the examination should obtain the American citizenship, as otherwise they will not be eligible for a valid firearm permit in the state of Massachusetts.

While the Police Department in this state has a plethora of jobs open in various departments, it is important to note that the most sought-after position is that of the trooper. The high competition for the trooper specialization is natural, considering that cadets who finish this class among the first will be awarded 5 years of experience.

Minimum Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Massachusetts

  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Should have a valid Massachusetts firearms license.
  • A minimum age of 21 and a maximum of 35.
  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • Must have a valid Massachusetts driver’s license.
  • Be a resident of MA prior to going to the academy.

Get Approval from the Certification Unit!

In order for candidates to be eligible for applying to a police academy in Massachusetts, first they need the approval of the Certification Unit. The role of this department is to perform background investigations on all applicants seeking employment in the MA police departments and ensuring they are compatible with the position.

In addition to scheduling an interview with the candidates, the Certification Unit also has the functions of:

  • Running credit checks
  • Verifying past employment
  • Conducting neighborhood interviews
  • Researching computer records

The Must-have Candidate Features

Individuals looking for employment in one of the MA police department must be at least 21 years old.

Even though the state does not specify the upper age limit for eligible candidates, it is important to note that certain departments will not accept individuals who are past a certain age.

In addition to meeting the age criteria, the applicants must show proof of minimum education.

The accepted minimum education requirements include a high school diploma, equivalent certification or 3 years active experience in the U.S. forces.

The Examination

Once declared eligible for applying to a police academy, the candidate must undergo a three-part written examination consisting of:

  • Life expectancy survey
  • Ability test
  • Work style survey

The role of the ability test is to determine the overall performance that is to be expected of the candidates who make it to the ranks of entry-level law enforcement officers.

The life expectancy survey is a multi-choice questionnaire that has the purpose of clarifying whether the experience and history of the candidate will affect the future performance and efficiency of the entry-level officer.

Lastly, the work style survey reveals various motivational, values and attitudinal features that might be relevant to the performance of the future police officer.

Enrolling in a Specialized Program

Cadets enrolled into the police academies who want a successful career should consider enrolling in accredited higher learning programs.

It is important to note that developing a career in a specialized field of the police will require meeting other criteria than the necessary academic education.

Here are some of the specialized areas in which police officers and students can enroll:

  • Hate crimes enforcement
  • Domestic violence intervention and prevention
  • Suicide prevention
  • Teen violence reduction programs
  • Rape investigation

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