How to Become a Police Officer in Louisiana

The rules and regulations regarding the admission, completion, certification and maintaining licensure to practice for aspiring and current police officers in the state of Louisiana are supervised and mandated by the state’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST).

According to the legislation, part-timers or military men stationed in the state who are interested in how to become a police officer in Louisiana are eligible for a position once they complete the basic training for full-time peace officers and pass the state examination.

At the same time, the out-of-state candidates must present valid certification of training, be eligible for the firearms qualification and pass the state examination with a minimum of 70% marks in order to be certified.

Minimum Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Louisiana

  • At least 18 years of age upon hiring or certification.
  • Must have a valid Louisiana driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  • Must not have a felony conviction or have a pending case.
  • All applicants will have to go through and pass the P.O.S.T. certification school.
  • Pass an 8 week (minimum) field training with a Field Training Officer.

Qualifications to Become a Louisiana State Trooper

  • 2 years experience as a full time certified P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) peace officer whose duties involve armed duty with the power to arrest or…
  • A minimum of 60 semester hours from an accredited college or university or…
  • A combination of the first two options above were 30 semester hours will be equivalent to 1 year work experience or…
  • Three straight years of active military duty or…
  • Eight straight years of full time employment in the government (federal, state or local).
  • Have good moral character.
  • Pass the written exam.
  • Pass the physical agility exam.
  • Pass the background investigation that includes the polygraph test.
  • Pass the medical examination.
  • Have a valid Louisiana driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  • Finish the academy training program in Louisiana.

The 3 Levels of Certification in Becoming a Police Officer in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana currently offers 3 distinct types of certification:

  • Level  1 (Basic Law Enforcement Peace Officer) – In order to be granted full certification the candidate must comply with the POST requirements for firearm certification and complete 360 hours training course.
  • Level 2 (Basic Correctional Peace Officer) – The certification addresses peace officers who will be caring, taking into custody and controlling inmates. Similar to level 1 certification, in order to graduate the candidate needs the POST firearms certification and to successfully complete a 249 training course.
  • Level 3 (Jailor Training Officer) –  The certification programs for a jailor officer requires the completion of a 90 hours training course and does not require POST firearms certification.

It is important to note that those fascinated by the police officer career must adhere strictly to the POST regulations, as otherwise they risk disqualification.

The common factors that lead to disqualification and not receiving certification include: absence over 10% from the total hours of instruction, failing to get the passing grade (70%)on each block of instructions, failing the POST comprehensive exam (less than 70%) and not obtaining the minimum score for firearms qualification (less than 80%).

Basic Firearms Qualification

The Louisiana law mandates that any officer in training must enroll in a pre-academic firearms training program within 30 days after employment.

Not passing the firearms qualification tests entails that the officer is not allowed to use his weapon and will most like be involved in administrative duties until he retakes and passes the test.

The examination consists of 4 rounds of shooting (with a pistol or revolver) on a 24-yards range taking into account the correct body posture, specified number of rounds per stage, required stage time and any announcement of distance modifiers.


For more information on becoming a police officer in Louisiana, visit the Louisiana state police website or call (225) 925-7057.

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