How to Become a Police Officer in Kansas

The Kansas State Police imposes the traditional standards of admission for individuals who want to pursue a career as a police officer, meaning these include the U.S. citizenship, valid driver’s license, high schools diploma or GED and good visual and hearing abilities.

In addition to these requirements, aspiring cadets who need to learn more on how to become a police officer in Kansas must be in perfect physical form, as the KSP wants the applicants to have a weight proportional to their height.

Lastly, new recruits are required to show proof of no convictions punishable by imprisonment in a state or federal prison and must be willing to work and live anywhere in the state.

Pre-screening Application to Become a Police Officer in Kansas

In order to follow the courses of one of the two police academies in Kansas, candidates must first send an online pre-screening application. The pre-employment screening is confidential and candidates are obliged to complete every blank space.

It is necessary to mention that the application must be filled in honestly, as the information typed in will be later on verified during the polygraph examination. At the same time, any attempt to provide misleading information or falsification can be uncovered during the background verification and interview and it constitutes grounds for immediate disqualification.

Reciprocity Certification Program in Becoming a Police Officer in Kansas

Even though the police academies in Kansas have a reciprocity program, it is noteworthy that it is conditioned by fulfilling additional requirements. Therefore, the applicants for the reciprocity certification must be employed in a law enforcement agency recognized by the state of Kansas.

Alternatively, the unemployed candidates are not allowed to have discontinued the career in the police force for more than five years. In addition, the basic training received by the applicants must be the equivalent of the training typically received in the Kansas police academies.

Candidates who do not meet these criteria will need to undergo a 14-week basic training program in order to receive certification.

For more information on becoming a police officer in Kansas, visit the Kansas law enforcement training center website or call (785) 864-9528.

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