How We Can Help You in Your Aspirations to Become a Police Officer

How to Become a Police Officer Now is your resource for all your police officer training needs. Whether you want to pursue or further advance your career in law enforcement, we want to make this process easier for you.

Statistics show that in 2006, there were around 860,000 police officers and detectives serving the police force. Despite being a risky and stressful job, people are interested in joining the force. In 2016, it is estimated that there will be approximately 959,000 police men in the United States.

Getting into the police force is tough, there are a lot of requirements that are needed from you both physical and mental. We have outlined those requirements here in detail to guide you.

Our site has the information you need to pursue a highly rewarding career as a police officer. From the educational to physical requirements you need, that information is right here at a click of the mouse.

We have step by step instructions on a state level, giving you specific steps that you can follow and take action on plus links to law enforcement agencies and academies to help facilitate your career aspirations.

We’ve also partnered with other law enforcement sites to better facilitate to you more sources of information that’s outside the scope of this website but still police related:

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