How to Become a Police Officer in Fresno

Fresno police officers often start their career as a cadet where they can gain valuable experience doing various tasks within the department. Let’s go through the details on the process on becoming a cop in Fresno, California.

Basic Requirements to Become a Police Officer in Fresno

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a California driver’s license at the time of application
  • Academic requirements calls for at least a high school diploma or GED

Steps in Becoming a Police Officer in Fresno

Step 1:

Apply as a police cadet through the website were applicants can get their feet wet on the different tasks and duties cops do in their day to day activities.

Step 2:

Work as a volunteer within the Fresno Police Department.

There are a number of opportunities available:

  • Volunteer Police Officer
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Community Emergency Response Team

Step 3:

Apply to the Fresno Police Academy

Fresco Police Academy Requirements

All applicants who want to become a cop in Fresno are required to go through a California P.O.S.T. training in order to be certified as a police officer which is done in Fresno City College.

Here are the basic prerequisites to get in:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Candidates who have completed some college hours have to be in good academic standing or receive a waiver from the Associate Dean of Counseling and Guidance
  • Submit a completed an FCC and Peace Officer Academic Applications
  • Pass all the required tests that includes the reading and written test as well as the physical agility test
  • Attend the interview and orientation sessions
  • Must provide proof of the following – Physical Exam, EKG printout, Valid California driver’s license, DMV printout, Department of Justice clearance for firearms possession.

Step 4:

Complete and pass all the required training in the academy that includes courses on firearms training, state and federal laws and physical training.

Step 5:

Go through and complete a field training with a seasoned police officer to put everything you’ve learned to practical use. This training will be at least 16 weeks long and trainee officers will be under probationary status, meaning they can be relieved or taken off the force if they fail here so be very careful and listen to your field training officer.

For more information on becoming a police officer in Fresno California, visit the website.

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