How to Become a Hospital Police Officer

Hospital police officers and security guards both provide security services to hospitals, the similarities though ends here, security guards do not have the police powers that a hospital police officer has in enforcing the law within the grounds of the hospital, they also have the authority to arrest law offenders.

What are their basic duties?

They have the same duties as a police officer on the streets – they ensure proper security, conduct patrol, make investigations, control traffic and apprehend crime offenders if needed. They also serve as escorts to inmates who need medical attention to and from the hospital.

What are the qualifications to become a hospital police officer?

  • Age requirements varies per state, in the state of California minimum age prerequisite is 21
  • Must have U.S. citizenship
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Needs to have a high school diploma or GED
  • Can’t have any felony convictions in their records
  • Should be able to handle stressful situations within the confines of the hospital
  • Recruiters may prefer candidates with an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree holder

Steps to Become a Hospital Police Officer

Step 1

Make sure you meet all the basic qualifications listed above. Prerequisites in each of the 50 states may vary. Some may have higher academic requirements compared to other states so please check back as we update our site for each of these requirements.

Step 2

Fill up and submit the application to the employment office. Applicants will then get notification of the scheduled written test dates.

Step 3

Take the scheduled written exam.

Step 4

Applicants who pass this written exam will then be scheduled for an oral interview.

Step 5

Go through an extensive background check, a psychological and physical screening.

Step 6

Qualified applicants who’ve made it through the previous steps will then go through further training in a law enforcement academy. Training duration may vary depending on the academy and the curriculum involved.  At this point, trainee officers will be hired in a probationary status and will receive their full salary, but they still have to pass this program to move on. Failure will result in termination from the academy program and the police force itself.

Step 7

All new officers who’ve successfully completed the academy training will then have to go through field training with a veteran police officer to gain real world experience before going on their own. This is a critical step that officers must pay special attention to.